How To Choose a Camping Knife

If you're looking for a camping knife, you should consider some of these tips before you go on your excursion. People don't really consider that a knife is nececssary when camping, so they forego the though of getting one, so here are 5 reasons on why and how to choose a camping knife.


You need to make sure the knife is durable and up to your standards. Sometimes the shineist and the most pretty looking knives are the worst. Instead look for stainless steel, well constructed frame, and how it feels in the hand. Good craftsmanship is noticeable if you look closely and pay attention to the details.

The most durable types of knives are ones that are made from a whole frame and constructed along with other materials of hardy things. But make sure the blade is not brittle and does not rust if it gets wet. A knife sharpener is also something to have in case the blade gets dull and need to sharpent it.


Obviously pricing is going to be a factor when you are chooseing a camping knife. Some are expensive and some are cheaper. But how much does price play role into this?

Depending on the brand and depending on what kind of knife you are getting, it will vary and there many price ranges to choose from. There are free knives, there are within $20 range, and others in $40 range.

Here is a list of free knives:

Depending on what you choose, it is up to you. If you have the money, shell it out and get the best one. However, the pricier it is does not necessarily mean it is the best knife for you, because depending on your needs it might be different.


A camping knife should be easy to carry and portable unless you have plenty of space in your backpack or want to get something that is more than cutting rope and other things. A machete or a bigger knife for self defense could be something to consider if you are serious about your well being and in case you run into wild animals.

Knives that are big and constructed from a larger blade is going to obviously give you more capacity to cause damage, and there are hunting knives or survival knives that might be a good fit for such cases.


Some knives have different functions and perks. For example there are screw drivers, a nail clipper, a lighter etc depending on what you get, so it really comes down to what you may be looking for.

The more functions and add ons a knife has, the more likely it is going to be expensive and bulkier, but in certain cases you might need a screwdriver, a nail clipper etc, so are you looking for something that looks pretty or something that is more functional. The choice is up to you.